Best Exercises for Rhomboids

Rhomboids are responsible for scapular retraction, meaning moving your shoulders back. A lot of people have overstretched and weakened rhomboids from sitting with rounded shoulders so it’s essential to train this muscle.

Scapular Rows

Scapular Row

And the best way to train the Rhomboids is just by retracting the scapula. The rows may be done with just bodyweight by hanging under a stable surface or with a barbell.


  1. Start with a barbell or another grippable stable surface placed about arm’s length above the floor
  2. Lie down facing up on the floor with the chest beneath the barbell
  3. Grip the barbell with a pronanated grip
  4. Keeping the arms straight, retract the shoulders
  5. Lower to starting position

Front Lever Raises

Front Lever Raise

This is an advanced exercise that requires working through several progressions to achieve. It’s on the list because of tremendous load it puts on the Rhomboids. It also has a certain wow factor to it.


  1. Grip the pull up bar with pronated grip
  2. Tighten the core and lift the legs, keeping the body in a straight line, until the body is parallel to the floor
  3. Lower to starting position

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