Best Exercises for Upper Traps

Trapezius is responsible for scapular elevation, meaning shrugging the shoulders.



Shoulder Shrugs is the simplest and most effective exercise for training the Trapezius.


  1. Grip the weight with arms almost fully extended
  2. Raise the shoulders toward the ears
  3. Lower the shoulders



Deadlift is not an exercise used for targeting the Trapezius. However, anyone who performs heavy deadlifts does develop impressive trapezius. Performing the movement will probably force you to keep your muscles under tension for longer than with other exercises.


  1. Stand hip-width apart with the bar going over top your shoelaces
  2. Sit your hips back so that you have a slight bend in your knees, while maintaining an arch in your lower back
  3. Continue bending your knees and hips down until your hands are able to grasp the bar just outside your shins
  4. Pushing through the heels, begin to raise your hips up slightly as you raise the bar along your shins
  5. Once the bar is at knee height, push your hips forward until you are standing upright
  6. Lower the bar to starting position

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